Year 2 @ CSU Residential Experience

Year 2 @ CSU and Residence Life have partnered together to form a residential community in Laurel Village Residence Hall just for students in their second year.   The overall purpose of the Year 2 @ CSU: Residential Experience is to create a themed living community geared towards the educational goals of second year students living in the residence halls. Specifically, the community focuses on outreach, programming and learning connected to the following areas: Career & Major Exploration, Global Citizenship & Service, Academic Engagement and Outdoor Adventure.

Students living on the floor are required to sign a learning agreement and connect with each other through various academic workshops, one required fall outdoor mountain retreat, various service projects (including one required spring service project), and a variety of optional floor outings. These activities create a community atmosphere specific to second year students and allow for students who participate to further explore their purpose here at CSU.

To select this living option for the fall 2019 academic year, please click on the following (**Please note:  BOTH the community application and the online Housing Application are required for this community after you have been approved to live on this community):

Community Learning Agreement 

Community Application 

Housing Options for Returning Students

Housing Application (Fall 2019, will receive link once approved)

Important Dates:

  • Apply before January 31 for best housing options
  • November 28: 2nd year and Residential Learning Communities (RLC) Supplemental Applications open
  • February 28: Room selection deadline
  • Cancel on or before March 31 without penalty

For more information on this themed community, contact