Year 2 @ CSU Welcome Back

Welcome back to campus! This year we at Year 2 @ CSU are helping second-year students kick-off the year in the right way by offering a variety of opportunities that allow students to stay connected, informed and ready for a successful semester.

Free Welcome Back Packs from Year 2 @ CSU!

Enter into a drawing to win up to $250 Worth of Textbooks, 15 meal swipes for a CSU Dining Center or $100 RamCash !

Year 2 @ CSU is giving second year students the chance to enter into drawings for any of the above items to anyone who checks-in at one of our Year 2 @ CSU tables during the first week of classes.  All second-year students who check-in will also receive a free Welcome Back Pack full of essential supplies and resources for you to start your second year of college the right way!

You can check into the Year 2 @ CSU table during the first week of classes in August 2019!

If you have any questions contact (970) 491-6011 or at